Commercial Use Licensing Procedure

Any person or organisation wishing to use libsamplerate in proprietary, shareware or other closed source applications needs to obtain a license to do so and should follow the procedure below:

  1. Email and ask for our account details for you to do a wire transfer into. The email subject line should include the word 'libsamplerate'.
  2. Print out two copies of the license agreement available. here .
  3. If you need an invoice to satisfy the purchasing people at your end let me know and I can send you one as a PDF file.
  4. Fill in both copies including:
    • your company's details on page one
    • your company's representatives' name and signature on page four
    • sign the bottom of pages one, two and three in the space provived
  5. Snail mail both signed copies to the Mega Nerd Pty Ltd address as listed on page one of the license.
  6. Wire transfer the agreed amount into the account number you receive in response to your email in point 1 above. Your bank should provide you with a transfer reference number which can be emailed to the address above.
    Note : You should arrange with your bank for you to pay baking charges associated with this transaction. This will usually mean that you ask the bank to make sure the agreed amount arrives in our account and that you pay the transfer and currency exchange fees.
  7. When we receive the signed license documents and confirm that payment has been made, we will sign one of the copies and return it to you.

At some stage there will also be a web page containing the company names and links to the main pages of libsamplerate commercial licensees.