Why I don't like LinuxCAD.

Here is SoftwareForge's attempt to discredit me as well as Robert Wuest. This smear is what inspired me to write `Why I don't like LinuxCAD'.

I pulled this Usenet post off Dejanews on October 10th, 1998. It should be possible to get it there for a number of months.

Subject: 07 LinuxCAD v 1.55 plot & print !!! , Wed Oct 7 20:33:16 CDT 1998 
Author: lcad
Email: lcad@i1.net
Date: 1998/10/07
Forums: comp.security.unix 

  As latest market analysis has shown , the LinuxCAD is the only CAD package for Linux

available out of the box tooday. 

        LinuxCAD v 1.55  

    ˘ ersion 1.55 includes important additions for producing hardcopy output:

<Usual advertising rubbish snipped>

  PS.  There are two anti LinuxCAD activists on the net , they are Erik de Castro and Robert Wuest
( those are just names, we do not know who they are) although the persistence of those guys in 
trashing LinuxCAD suggests they are on our competitors payroll. Do not be fooled !!!  LinuxCAD
expands tremendously the options of Linux users it stands appart from any similar software
and already is a market leader in the segment.