Tue, 02 Dec 2008

Ocaml : Null Cursor in lablgtk.

I need to be able to hide the cursor in an Ocaml/lablgtk/Cairo program I'm writing (a touchscreen calibration utility to go with the Zytouch driver). Usually this is done by creating a small 1x1 pixel cursor that is transparent, but I couldn't find any existing Ocaml/lablgtk code to do it. With a little help from Jacques Garrigue on the lablgtk mailing list I came up with the following function to create a cursor:

  let create_null_cursor win =
      let w, h = 1, 1 in
      let mask = Gdk.Bitmap.create ~window:win ~width:w ~height:h () in
      let pixmap = Gdk.Pixmap.create ~window:win ~width:w ~height:h ~depth:1 () in
      let color = Gdk.Color.alloc (Gdk.Color.get_system_colormap ()) (`RGB (0, 0, 0)) in
      Gdk.Cursor.create_from_pixmap pixmap mask color color w h

which I use as follows:

  let win = GWindow.window ~resizable:true () in
  ignore (win#connect#destroy GMain.quit) ;

  (* More code here. *)

  win#show () ;

  (* Must set the cursor after win#show () or we get a Gpointer.NULL exception. *)
  let cursor = create_null_cursor win#misc#window in
  Gdk.Window.set_cursor win#misc#window cursor ;

  GMain.main ()

Problem solved.

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