Thu, 22 Feb 2007

Came off my Bike.

On the way home from work today I came off my bike.

I was coming down a hill when someone parked at the left hand side of the road decided to do a U turn across my path. As soon as I realised they were doing something stupid I slammed on my brakes. Because it was raining I was going slower than usual but I still didn't have much time to pull up without sliding the bike sideways.

Unfortunately that didn't work as planned. The bike started sliding sideways, but then flipped me over onto my back and the bike flew through the air and over the top of me.

That sounds like a pretty nasty fall, but I was lucky. My only injuries are a nasty bruise to my inside left thigh, another to my left buttock and a sore neck. I didn't loose any skin or blood.

I was very fortunate to be wearing a backpack containing my laptop inside its own padded backpack. The backpack took most of the fall and the laptop is unharmed. I also wear a BMX helmet instead of the lighter more flimsy racing style helmet but in this case the helmet only came into contact with the road as I slumped into my final position. I stood up again within about 10 seconds of hitting the ground.

I was pretty shaken, but well enough to go to my yoga class at 6:15 pm.

Update 2007-02-23 07:59 : Since writing the above last night I realised that I have a couple more bruises, that the bike did not fly over the top of me, but that I did flip over it so that I landed between the bike and the car and finally that my laptop did sustain some damage; one corner is slightly smashed in.

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