Sun, 14 Sep 2008

New Bicycle.

Last Saturday, my bicycle was stolen from the foyer of my apartment building.

Normally the bike was protected by a locked gate and a locked front door, but on that day the gate and the front door were left open for about 5 minutes while we waited for a painter to arrive to discuss the painting of our apartment. Some time between the gate being opened and the painter arriving, some lowlife walked in and stole my bike.

Since we moved house recently and are currently in the middle of renovating, everything is in boxes and I have no idea which box contains information like the frame serial number. I have reported the theft to police, but without a serial number the chances of the lowlife thief being caught are close to zero. I do however still fantasize about finding the culprit and breaking their legs.

I now have a new bike; a Scott P2 Sportster city bike, a slightly more up market version of the Scott P4 that was stolen.

new bike

It has disk brakes instead of the caliper brakes of my old bike. I also got a few other extras so that it better matched the old bike:

Its also quite a bit lighter than the old bike and is a real pleasure to ride. I now need to work on keeping it out of the hands of thieves.

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