Mon, 04 Aug 2008

Sydney's Drivers Worst for Bike Rage.

According to this article in the Sydney Morning Herald Sydney's drivers are the worst for bike rage; aggression show towards cyclists simply for being on the road.

From the article:

Sydney drivers are more hostile towards cyclists than motorists of any other country, says a world authority on transport.
Christian Wolmar, a Briton who was invited by the State Government to promote bicycle use in NSW, said Sydney's cycling infrastructure is 10 years behind that of London.

Further on in the article it quotes a spokeswoman for the Roads Minister, Eric Roozendaal, saying:

"Sydney has around 2000 kilometres of cycle facilities while London only has 550 kilometres,"

Obviously this sounds good until you realize that Sydney is 12,144 square kilometers in area while Greater London is only 1579 square kilometers. That means that Sydney has 164 meters of cycle lane per square kilometer while London has 348, almost double.

Furthermore, most cycle lanes in Sydney are not just totally inadequate, but outright dangerous.

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