Fri, 18 Apr 2008

FP-Syd #3.

Wow! Just Wow! I've just arrived home after another FP-Syd meeting.

First up we had Jeremy Apthorp with a short talk titled "My Favourite Bugs (that don't exist in functional languages)". Jeremy gave us all a good reminder of why we were all there. It was also a good warm up the second talk.

Ben Lippmeier, gave us a talk titled "The Disciplined Disciple Compiler" which is something he's working on as part of his PhD at Australian National University. Ben's DDC is a compiler for a Haskell dialect named Disciple that uses effect typing to deal with issues like side effects and destructive updates. Unlike Haskell, Disciple is strictly evaluated with optional, explicit lazy evaluation. This was a really thought provoking talk. Thanks Ben.

I would also like to send out a big thanks to Tom and Scott of Atlassian's Sydney office for providing the venue.

After the meeting we headed off the to Readoak hotel for beers and more FP discussion. By 10:30pm we were just about to leave the Redoak when I ran into Damana who used to work at bCODE and who had organized Sydney Geek Girl get together that same night.

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