Fri, 18 Jul 2008

FP-Syd #5.

Last night was the 5th meeting of FP-Syd, the Sydney Functional Programming group. The turnout was down a bit (19 people) but I suspect that was due to World Imaginary Friend Day (which for some reason seems to run for a week) clogging up Sydney's streets and public transport system.

The first talk was given by the author of this blog and was titled "Ocaml and". I'll be blogging this in more detail some time over the weekend.

Next up we had Ben Lippmeier, author of the Disciple compiler on his entry into the ICFP Programming Contest. In the long tradition of eating one's own dog food, Ben used his DDC compiler to write his entry and ran into a nasty intermittent bug in his compiler's run time. Despite the bug he still managed to put together a pretty decent solution to a rather interesting problem.

As usual, we had post-meeting drinks at the Redoak hotel. Thanks to Shane, James, the other Googlers and Google itself for use of Google's excellent facilities.

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