Sun, 01 Feb 2009

FP-Syd #11.

Last Thursday night was the 11th meeting of FP-Syd, the Sydney Functional Programming group and we had just over 20 people show up at the Sydney offices of Thoughtworks to hear two speakers.

First up was your correspondent with a short presentation on the use Functional Programming languages (Ocaml and a bit of Haskell) at bCODE Pty Ltd a small venture capital funded startup in Sydney Australia.

The second presentation was by Paul Steckler who gave a 10000 meter view of PLT Scheme and its associated tools. Included in this presentation was a quick demo of Typed Scheme which adds static type checking (ie at compile time) to an otherwise dynamically typed language.

A big thanks goes to Nick Carroll and Thoughtworks for making their facilities available for FP-Syd. Thanks also to Paul for the scheme presentation.

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