Sun, 24 May 2009

FP-Syd #15.

On Thursday May 21st we held the 15th meeting of FP-Syd, the Sydney Functional Programming group. The meeting was held at Google's Sydney offices and we had about 22 people attending to hear our two presentations, an Erlang double header.

The first presentations was by Ben Johnston, a PhD candidate at University of Technology, Sydney. Ben's talk was titled "How to build a robotic bear in two weeks (or less)." and in it he explained how the need to get some code running on a new robot quickly led him to try Erlang. He explained how he used C for low level control of hardware devices, SWI Prolog for the AI and Erlang for all the glue to hold it all together.

Next up we had Matt Palmer talk about the Erlang database called Mnesia. Matt showed the close correspondence between Erlang queries and their equivalent in SQL. He also talked about the ease of replications, sharding and in-memory databases in Mnesia.

A big thanks goes to Ben and Matt for their presentations Thanks also to Shane Stephens and Google's Sydney office for making their facilities available.

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