Tue, 18 Aug 2009

FP-Syd #17.

On Thursday July 23rd we held the 17th meeting of FP-Syd, the Sydney Functional Programming group. The meeting was held at Google's Sydney offices and we had about 28 people attending to hear our two presentations.

First up we had Jonathan Lange with a presentation titled "Monads and Twisted" where he introduced the asynchronous event handling in Python's Twisted Framework. During a brief introduction to Twisted he showed how callbacks are registered for future events. He then went on to show how the function signatures for these callbacks were very similar to those for Monadic bind and return and that these callbacks obeyed all three of the monad laws.

Next up we had Paul Steckler demonstrating how he has been using Ocaml's camlp4 macro pre-processor in his work on the Goanna static analysis tool. Paul mentioned that documentation for camlp4 is rather poor and that to figure out some things he actually needed to read the camlp4 source code. It does however seem to be a powerful pre-processor system.

A big thanks to James Kozianski and Google for providing the meeting venue and some light refreshments.

The next meeting of FP-Syd happens this week.

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