Mon, 25 Jan 2010

Golden Section - Jumping the Gun (1993).

Almost two decades ago, when I was at university I played bass guitar in a couple of rock bands; Golden Section and Fishtank. Both bands playing an all original set although Golden Section did cover a song by Fishtank and Fishtank had a song without lyrics but found by accident that the lyrics to the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" worked, despite our melody being different.

Recently one of my bands mates in Golden Section posted a video of Golden Section playing live at the Palais Hotel in Newcastle (Australia) in 1993. The first real glimpse of me playing bass is at 1:10.

Playing in Golden Section was just so much fun! Working up to the 1991 Newcastle University Band Competition (which we won) we were rehearsing twice a week and as a result reached a state where the band synced like clockwork. We could play light and reasonably heavy (Fishtank was heavier) and we were even a bit funky on certain songs.

I absolutely loved playing in this band. Good times, good memories.

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