Thu, 29 May 2008

Keeping Up With ....

Here's my pathetic attempt at keeping up with Steve Hanley, Jon Oxer and Mike Beattie.

work desktop

From left to right:

  1. My Dell Latitude X1 laptop running Enlightenment E17 on an Ubuntu Hardy base system. The desktop background is a picture of my lovely daughter.
  2. A windows machine which is used mainly as a host for Firefox and the Tortoise SVN client. I spent the first six months in this job doing windows development. Fortunately that is all in the past.
  3. My Linux desktop system, again running E17, but on an Ubuntu Gutsy base system.
  4. One of our very cute bCODE scanners, which has just been PXE booted to a slightly modified Ubuntu Dapper installation, but before having over 100 of bCODE's own Debian packages installed on it.
  5. A second bCODE scanner running its Adobe Flash GUI on top of an Ubuntu Dapper install done by cloning a disk image.

The Linux and windows machine share a keyboard and a mouse via the magic of Synergy2. The keyboard is my favourite Dell Enhanced USB Multimedia Keyboard.

The one thing missing from the above photo (two separate pictures taken and stitched together by my colleague Peter) is the whiteboard which is directly behind my seat. Yes, I have my own personal whiteboard and I love it.

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