Sun, 10 Dec 2006

Firefox is Broken.

The main browser on Linux (and for anyone with any sense on other platforms) is Firefox. Its a great browser, it really is, but is is very broken in one very important regard.

Many "features" of Firefox are provided by external plugins and these plugins are often locked to a specific set of versions of Firefox.

I spent most of this morning upgrading my laptop to Ubuntu Edgy Eft which removed Firefox version 1.5 and installed Firefox version 2.0. Moving to version 2.0 has broken the two Firefox plugins I rely on the most, SessionSaver and BookmarksHome. These two addons are vital to the way I prefer to use Firefox. Being without them is a major pain in the neck.

Firefox 2.0 has been out for over a month and there are probably a bunch of other plugins that other people rely on that are broken. If these were a built-in features that disappeared from one release to the next, the user base would be justifiably peeved. I think the Firefox people and the authors of plugins really take a look at this issue and fix it.

Update here.

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