Tue, 20 Jun 2006

Acrobat Reader on Win32.

At work I have two machines, one running Linux and one running Windows XP. I would like to let the second one go, but I need it for some of the work I'm doing.

I also tend to read quite a few PDF documents. On Linux I use the excellent Evince PDF and Postscript reader while on windows I use Adobe Acrobat. Of course, since I'm running Acrobat on windows, I turn on the auto update feature to make sure the machine doesn't get owned by some haXor's malware.

So fine, this morning the Acrobat reader finds that there is an update available and I tell it to go ahead, download and install it. At the end of the process, it asks to reboot the machine. WTF??

I say no, reboot later. Now, every time I open a PDF document, Acrobat whines about the need to reboot. Acrobat is an application. Why does installing this bloody software need a reboot?

And the Windiots just don't get it. Reboot after installing an application? Thats normal.

Coming from the Linux world, this is nuts. If any software company released some piece of binary crapware application (ie specifically not device drivers) that required a reboot after installing it; Linux people would just not install the crapware.

In my opinion, the Windiots that use windows deserve everything they get because they're too stupid, too lazy or too attached to their windows games to move to Linux.

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