Fri, 08 Dec 2006

OSDC 2006 : Day 3

Wow, I don't know how people can complain about Melbourne's weather. This is the third day in a row of mild, pleasant weather and no sign whatsoever of rain. I do however hear that Melbourne is currently in the middle of a drought.

The first talk attended today was Anthony Baxter's "Building Audio Applications with Gstreamer" which was quite an eye opener. Gstreamer has definitely come quite a way since I last looked at it.

Adam Kennedy gave another flashy and somewhat gimmicky talk "The Portable Image Testing Architecture: Rediculously [sic] Large Scale Testing" about the difficulty of testing the huge number of CPAN modules across a number of operating systems, Perl versions and configurations. Adam is a very engaging speaker, but I sometimes think he goes a little too far (even ignoring the naked flesh).

Next up I gave my "Career Development for Developer Geeks" talk which was basically a rehash of the talk I gave at SLUG late last year. The real irony of me presentling this particular talk was that I had just come off a four week coding crunch of 60 hour weeks. As I explained to the attendees, the past four weeks was a result of me not following the advice I was giving. Anyway, the talk went well and was well received. A version of the conference paper is available here. There's also a career-dev mailing list for anyone who might want to discuss issues raised in the paper or the talk.

After lunch I attended Andrew Bennett's "Coding in a Distributed Team". Andrew's presentation techniques have definitely improved since I last saw him present at LCA a couple of years ago. He also seems far more confident. Good one Andrew!

Following Andrew we had the lightning talks, afternoon tea and the conference close. Thats it, conference over.

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